Code Replacements

College Football 2021

Please see the notes at the bottom of the page before downloading/using.


ACC American Big 10 C-USA FCS MAC
Clemson Cincinnati    Illinois Charlotte    Western Illinois    Ball State
Louisville        Indiana UTSA   Buffalo
Syracuse   Maryland     Central Michigan   
    Ohio State      




Please note that several players on teams may have the same number.  To simplify my editing process I have designated multiple players with the same number with an o for an offensive player, d for a defensive player, and s for a special teams player (kickers, punters and long snappers).

wf4d    Wake Forest Demon Deacons defensive end Jacorey Johns (4)
wf4s    Wake Forest Demon Deacons place kicker Nick Sciba (4)

hc indicates head coach.  Coordinators and other coaches are not listed.

To indicate the team simply type in the letters with no number.

wf    Wake Forest Demon Deacons

There will be notes at the top of some of the text files indicating special cases in regard to player numbers.  Please check your roster against the game day roster as each of these rosters have been obtained from the school's website and may not reflect changes from throughout the season.