Hello, and welcome to the world of sports as seen through my lens.  My jounrney into this arena started when I was a teenager.  I had a unique opportunity to be around major sporting events quite often in photo rooms with some of the best professionals in the world of motorsports.  Working as a "gopher" (you know, "Go for this," and "Can you go get that?") in the early days of digital photography my job was to pick up memory cards from photographers and bring them back to their on site editors.  While at a NASCAR race in Bristol, Tennessee, I happend to take a camera with me as I was making rounds.  That kicked off my interest in this amazing art form!

It now seems fitting that my studio is located in Veedersburg, Indiana, the small town that produced the bricks for the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  My interest began at the track, and more recently has spread into basketball arenas and onto football fields.  Living in central Indiana region I regularly cover sporting events throughout the midwest, but most commonly in an area ranging from St. Louis to Cincinnati. 

My services include high quality images created on a deadline, a website that provides the flexibility to present searchable galleries, image archiving solutions, and FAA certified drone photography and video.


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